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"Monkey on a Leash" Wins Sondheim Remix Contest

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You guys. I'm pooping.

Max Mamon and I did something. To be specific, we wrote a rap remix of the opening number of Sunday in the Park with George. And it won NY City Center's Sondheim Remix contest.

Check out the official announcement!

The five winning pieces were chosen by a panel headed by Encores! Off-Center artistic director Jeanine Tesori. Max and I will be performing ours live before the June 26th evening performance of tick, tick... BOOM!. Event details here.

The piece is called "Monkey on a Leash." Take a listen below if you can't make it on the 26th!

Did I mention that Stephen Sondheim will be in attendance?

I want to spend the rest of my life inventing a time machine so I can revisit 15-year-old me lip-syncing "Giants in the Sky" in his bedroom and tell him that one day he will rap for Stephen Sondheim JUST to see the look on his face.

He'd probably be pooping too.

(Dot dot, mothaf*cka.)

Writing Blows

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Writing blows like a subway train racing past;
Like an oncoming rainstorm;
Like a taxi man when you cross the street in front of him.
Writing blows like a power strip when you plug in your box fan, MacBook, iPhone charger, and two strands of Christmas lights.
Writing blows like a college sophomore doing it for the first time.
Blows like a $12 hair dryer, a grandma eating hot soup, a plastic bag in a Katy Perry lyric.
Writing blows like a child gripping a soap-sticky plastic wand, casting perfect little rainbow spheres, knowing full well they won't last long, but delighting in them anyway.
Writing blows like a powder keg.