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When there's too much,
Too many scattered pieces to my life,
I build Legos by the instructions.

A comfort to me,
Like when I would play Legend of Zelda with the walkthrough,
And find every weapon,
Every rupee,
Every hidden heart.

There's a peace to being told what to do.
I hate that.
The little kid who pilfered pieces from Lego sets to build creations of his own
Hates that.

Save it for later.
Right now, I go step by step,
Brick by brick,
And find my way back to the elusive heart.

Bad Luck

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I refuse to rest my shoes on any surface other than floor, for that invites the Devil in.
My insides squirm when I’m forced to say ‘Macbeth’ in the theatre where I work.
I throw salt over my sinister shoulder,
Avoid pavement cracks when I’ve the mind to,
And daren’t whistle indoors after dark.
I honor the Bad Luck,
So that at least when It bites,
It might not bite so fiercely.
I acknowledge It,
So that when It comes knocking,
It’s less as a duster-clad assassin,
More as an erratic, vaguely Irish houseguest with whose quirks I’ve become familiar.

Song from SHADES OF WAYNE Debuts at Joe's Pub

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A few weeks ago, "Me Time," the first song we wrote for our new show SHADES OF WAYNE, debuted at Joe's Pub as part of From the Factory Floor, a benefit for Musical Theatre Factory

Here it is performed by Liz Lark Brown (as Joanne) with an appearance by Remy Germinario (as Little Wayne). Max Mamon on piano.

Special thanks to our friend Micah Joel for filming! (http://www.xerkmedia.com)