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Added on by Christopher Staskel.

When there's too much,
Too many scattered pieces to my life,
I build Legos by the instructions.

A comfort to me,
Like when I would play Legend of Zelda with the walkthrough,
And find every weapon,
Every rupee,
Every hidden heart.

There's a peace to being told what to do.
I hate that.
The little kid who pilfered pieces from Lego sets to build creations of his own
Hates that.

Save it for later.
Right now, I go step by step,
Brick by brick,
And find my way back to the elusive heart.

Bad Luck

Added on by Christopher Staskel.

I refuse to rest my shoes on any surface other than floor, for that invites the Devil in.
My insides squirm when I’m forced to say ‘Macbeth’ in the theatre where I work.
I throw salt over my sinister shoulder,
Avoid pavement cracks when I’ve the mind to,
And daren’t whistle indoors after dark.
I honor the Bad Luck,
So that at least when It bites,
It might not bite so fiercely.
I acknowledge It,
So that when It comes knocking,
It’s less as a duster-clad assassin,
More as an erratic, vaguely Irish houseguest with whose quirks I’ve become familiar.

Writing Blows

Added on by Christopher Staskel.

Writing blows like a subway train racing past;
Like an oncoming rainstorm;
Like a taxi man when you cross the street in front of him.
Writing blows like a power strip when you plug in your box fan, MacBook, iPhone charger, and two strands of Christmas lights.
Writing blows like a college sophomore doing it for the first time.
Blows like a $12 hair dryer, a grandma eating hot soup, a plastic bag in a Katy Perry lyric.
Writing blows like a child gripping a soap-sticky plastic wand, casting perfect little rainbow spheres, knowing full well they won't last long, but delighting in them anyway.
Writing blows like a powder keg.

Rainy Day Writing

Added on by Christopher Staskel.

Rainy day writing and staring and napping,
The running-off drops on my windowsill tapping
Accumulate more than the word count I’m reaping:
A little more writing, a little less sleeping.

[5 August 2013]