writer & musical theatre lyricist


a YA psychological thriller


17-year-old Cris Montenegro transfers into the prestigious Caulston Abbey Boys’ School his senior year. This would be daunting enough, but after his first day, Cris is just relieved none of his classmates remember him from the sixth grade.

Back then, Cris went by a different name. He was a different boy altogether before his six closest friends framed him for the ritualized torture of a fellow classmate and got him expelled.

Now it’s senior year, and armed with a brand new identity, Cris has until graduation to exact his revenge.

Little does he know, these old friends are now the leaders of an influential secret society that would sooner kill one of its members than be exposed to the school administration. When Cris unintentionally stumbles into their initiation ritual, he has no choice but to become a part of the very brotherhood he aims to destroy.

Cris also has to deal with a self-proclaimed best friend who won’t leave him alone; an invasive guidance counselor who’s a little too “hands-on” with her students; and a charming lacrosse player that Cris would have no problem admitting he has feelings for if the boy-in-question wasn’t also one of his six targets.

And as if that weren’t enough, someone within the society knows his true identity. If Cris doesn’t act quickly, he might not even make it to graduation.